Should You Hire a PR Agency?

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September 22, 2017
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October 13, 2017

W ith so much to do in your business, perhaps hiring a PR agency to take over your PR efforts is a feasible option. Most PR agencies focus on social media, blogging and getting you media exposure in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and blogs. Because a PR agency is responsible for telling your brand story, they can only do so with accurate and timely information from you. Don’t be surprised if they ask for your business plan and marketing materials. Make sure that the PR agency has unfettered access to a member of your team that intimately understands your brand.


  • You save valuable time by outsourcing your PR activities
  • You will benefit from the expertise of a professional
  • The agency already has industry contacts to draw from


  • A PR agency can be expensive, starting at $1,500/month at a small PR agency
  • You’re not the only client of a PR agency, thus, in an effort to serve all their clients, a new-grad, not the experienced owner, may be the actual person taking care of your PR
  • As the middle man between you and the media, your brand story may get lost in translation


When choosing a PR agency, do your research and come to your first meeting with questions. Potential questions include:

  • How will you assess our needs?
  • What is your payment structure?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many active clients do you have & who are they?
  • Who exactly would be working on my account?
  • Can I see up-to-date testimonials and case studies?
  • What can you guarantee?

When you finally choose a PR agency, get everything you discussed drawn up in a contract signed by both you and the agency.