I have always been in awe of the ability that words have to connect with someone at the deepest of levels.

Have you ever received a compliment from someone and it completely changed the tone of your day?

Or listened to someone tell a comical story and found yourself in a fit of laughter?

That's the power of words. And when you find the right way to express something that can convey what’s in your heart, explain a new idea, or win an argument... it’s magic.


  • I was nicknamed “motor mouth” by the time I was 4 years of age

    It now seems pretty obvious that I was destined to do something with words.
  • In school, I was that one student who actually loved Shakespeare

    In fact, I thought he was a genius. Frustrating, but genius. So, it made sense to major in English.
  • By the age of 22, I was standing in front of a classroom full of 17 year olds as their English teacher

    I quickly learned that a lot of people (specifically 17-year-olds) don’t want anything at all to do with the written word.

    The thing is, we can’t avoid it. We are literally surrounded by emails, billboards, movie posters, cereal boxes, magazines, and content, content, content all day long- I just happen to get a kick out of them!

  • Three years later, I found myself working at a branding and design agency

    I moved from Project Manager to Creative Account Director in just a few short years.

    It was there that I developed brand names, website content, video scripts, brochures and manuals, and the short but sweet copy on the back of chapstick packages.

  • I then jumped ship from the agency world

    I swam to the client side as the sole marketer responsible for launching four, newly-branded restaurants.

    I’m proud to say that I’m now well versed in planning and execution, vendor relationships, grass root marketing and have a healthy understanding of a well-worded press release.

    Shakespeare would be proud, I’m sure.

  • And now… well you know the rest. I’m a copywriter!

    And frankly, I am thankful that I didn't take a direct route to get here because I believe that my experience brings the very knowledge required to develop exceptional content for my clients.

    I also recognize what they truly need from a creative partner in their journey to grow and support a brand.


"Let's just say I am a determined individual and even when others say quit... I just can’t".


My clients include Walmart, Mentholatum, Novartis, Prime Potions and Scaddabush.

I have experience creating website content, press releases, scripts, brochures, direct mailers, manuals, new business development pitches and copy for product packaging. I am also that one person on staff that everyone asks to review their emails or presentations when content, tone and business partnerships are at stake.


  • 2011Communications and Advertising Accredited Professionals (2-year) Program

    Institute of Communication Agencies
  • 1997Bachelor of Education

    Brock University
  • 1996Bachelor of Arts, English Major (Honours)

    University of Guelph


I’m about to publish my own book.

Website visited most often –Amazon

Fad or trend I hope comes back – anything but bell-bottoms

Favourite stores – Chapters and Costco

Number of consecutive days enjoying oatmeal for breakfast – 2,483 (okay maybe there were a few days of PB&J on toast, but not many)